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An update on my #emacs adventure with corfu.el.

Sadly, after months of using corfu.el, I’ve now reverted back to using company-mode again.

The straw the broke the camel’s back is the lsp-mode’s lack of support for working with corfu.el (while lsp-mode can detect and auto-configure company-mode to work with itself).

And, speaking of lsp-mode, while I try my hardest to use eglot when possible, I still have to resort to using lsp-mode when working with some languages due to the fact that lsp-mode just works better with them (e.g., Ruby, Perl, etc.).

While it might be possible to configure corfu.el to work with lsp-mode, I currently don’t have enough time to look into the issue right now, so it’s back to the company-mode (for now, at least).

On the bright side, prescient.el works with company-mode (via the company-prescient package) so the transition is not so painful.

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